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Assessment Review Inquiry 2024


 DEADLINE TO FILE THIS REVIEW IS JULY 08, 2024 (new sales July 19, 2024). BOARD OF REVIEW APPEALS OPEN IN AUGUST AFTER NOTICES ARE MAILED, FOR 30DAYS, DEADLINE TO FILE AT BOARD OF REVIEW IS MID-SEPTEMBER 2024.  YOU MAY CALL US FOR EXACT DATES IN JULY.  If subject is a new sale, please call our office on how to proceed, if necessary after the July deadline for the review. 

DuPage Township has put in place an Assessment Review process to assist tax payers in reviewing their assessment at the local level.  This Assessment Review should be used by tax payers for 1 single residential property.  If you are a tax consultant, lawyer or owner of multiple properties, you should not use this process, and should call the office to inquire on how to have properties reviewed prior to the appeal deadline.

Homeowners may have a legitimate Assessment complaint if you can support any of the following claims:

  • The assessor’s estimated market value is higher than current market value. (This claim can be supported if you have recently purchased your    property on the open market with a valid sale or if you supply a professional appraisal).
  • The assessment of the property is based on inaccurate information, such as an incorrect measurement of a building or improvements which have been removed.  
  • The assessment is higher than those of similar house style/age and size in your neighborhood, with the same amenities.

When going through the Assessment Review, you, the property owner, are having the assessed value of your property reviewed, not the tax bill. The amount of the tax bill is determined by the various tax rates that are applied to the assessment based on the levies of various local government taxing districts which include counties, townships, municipalities, school districts, park districts, county, and special districts, etc. If the assessment increases, the change must be published in a local newspaper. Individual notices will also be mailed in some instances.  Tax rates are not an issue in the assessment appeal process, only the amount of the assessment. Once you receive the tax bill, it is too late to make an appeal for that year’s assessment.

 Filing an Assessment Review Inquiry

If you have a legitimate complaint as stated above, you may file an Assessment  Review Inquiry with the DuPage Township Assessor’s Office. Bringing an inquiry on an assessment early in the year may result in a correction or temporary reduction, without using the formal appeal process with the Will County Board of Review. If an assessor still has the assessment books for the given year, a correction for any proven erroneous assessment can be made before the appeal process deadlines.  Please keep in mind that assessments are as of January 1 of the given year. The assessments are based on 3 years of valid sales, not including the current year.  Ex: 2024 values will be based on 2023, 2022, and 2021 valid sales.  It is best to stay within your subdivision/neighborhood for sales or equity comparables.  Evidence needed for sales or equity comparables can be found on this site or on willcountysoa.com.

 Pertinent evidence should include following:

  • Appeal is based on Recent Sale: Provide closing papers
  • Appeal is based on Appraisal: Provide Full Appraisal with Appraiser's qualifications
  • Appeal is based on Comparable Sales: Use Page 2 of the Assessment Review Inquiry Form
  • Appeal is based on Assessment Equity: Use Page 2 of the Assessment Review Inquiry Form
To support a claim of an unfair assessment, you will need to provide evidence by filling out the Assessment Review Inquiry Form PDF available here during eligible review dates.  Deadline is July 08, 2024  After that date, you will need to file an official appeal with the Board of Review.  If the Assessor’s Office cannot get to your inquiry in time – you will be contacted and suggest that you file with the Board of Review to protect your claim.  Please return the original completed Assessment Review Inquiry form with all needed documentation to any of the following:
email:  information@dupagetownshipassessor.com or drop off or mail toDuPage Township Assessor’s Office, Attn: Assessment Review, 241 Canterbury Lane, Bolingbrook, IL  60440. Our normal business hours are M-F 9am – 4pm. Please feel free to contact us at 630-759-1315 with any questions.  
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